Windows Bridge for iOS


iOS on Windows.

Microsoft, November 2015 to July 2016

Collaborators: The WinObjC team at Microsoft.

The Windows Bridge for iOS, or WinObjC, is an open-source project at microsoft that provides an Objective-C development environment on Windows, as well as support for iOS APIs. Working with a team of talented engineers, I implemented a series of compatibility libraries to accept iOS API calls and "bridge" them to Windows APIs as necessary. I was integral in the development of NSUserDefaults, NSFileManager, NSURLResponse, and NSValue, among other features. I coordinated with the other engineers, fixed bugs, reviewed pull requests, and wrote test apps as part of my work.

Windows Bridge for Android


Android on Windows.

Microsoft, July 2014 to October 2015

Collaborators: The Astoria team at Microsoft.

The Windows Bridge for Android, codenamed Astoria, was a project at Microsoft designed to make it easy for developers to bring android apps to Windows. Although it was decomissioned in 2015, the legacy of Astoria lives on in linux compatibility on windows and in the skills honed by engineers working on this technical behemoth of a project. I implemented bridging features such as the contacts database, location, sensors, and process lifetime events. music and wellness app., February 2018 - Present

Collaborators: The team. is a mental health and wellness app that draws from music therapy techniques to help people overcome anxiety and stress. I spearheaded the development and release of on Android, managed a team of engineers and external contractors and oversaw the production and release on Google Play.